August 6, 2019

Code of Practice


Fees may be paid in full or in three installments. Please be aware if paying in installments that a reminder letter will be given once you have exceeded the number of paid classes. Children cannot attend class if their term fee is unpaid.


Children must arrive in the correct uniform with their hair tied back. All students in Grade 2 and above must wear their hair in a proper bun.


Students are encouraged to take exams, however they are not compulsory. The first exam is taken at age six. Children who take exams must do four extra coaching classes.


We perform an annual end of year show in the Riverbank Theatre, Newbridge. Costumes are provided with a small rental fee.

Staying in touch

You will receive updates via email. If you do not receive emails, please let the school principal know. Follow theorourkeschoolofballet on Facebook and Instagram for updates and pictures.

Health and Safety

Our teachers are fully insured and garda vetted. Our two venues are clean and safe. Children are not permitted to leave the classroom without an adult.

Code of behaviour

Parents are welcome to raise concerns or complaints in writing with the school principal by emailing We are happy to resolve any issues parents may have regarding their child’s class.

In the rare case that a parent or child displays aggressive or intimidating behaviour to a teacher or another student, they may be asked to leave with a full term refund.